Spots before the eyes or Miodesposias

What are spots before the eyes or Miodesposias?

Spots before the eyes, Moscas Volantes in Spanish from the Latin “Muscae Volitantes” or in medical terms Miodesopsias from the Greek “Myodes “ fly and “Ópsis” vision , are a phisiological ocular defect. It occurs in the form of flecks , spots, filaments and webs which move with the direction of the eyes as they float freely in the vitreous humour, the transparent gelatine which is within the eye.

What causes it ?

As the years pass by, this vitreous humour gelatine tends to deteriorate, fragmenting its fibrous structure leaving empty spaces and freely floating débris. As the retina is behind all this, the patient sees flecks etc. in his visual field.
It is found more frequently with age, in shortsighted patients, after cataract surgery or when the interior of the eye is inflamed. Sometimes this gelatine, which is intimately adhered to the retina, suddenly peels away. When this happens the patient will immediately experience all of the above symptoms. If he is more than 50 years old or is shortsighted, he must be examined immediately by an Ophthalmologist.

Can spots before the eyes be a serious condition?

Not in most cases as the vitreous humour, on separating suddenly from the retina, may tear or detach it by traction in only a small percentage of patients. An immediate visit to the Ophthalmologist is recommended if the aforementioned symptoms happen suddenly, make existing ones worse or if accompanied by sparks, flashes or lights.

Is it possible to prevent the appearence of Spots before the eyes?

No ,it is not possible to prevent it happening but we can avoid possible complications if it does happen. It will be necessary to consult an Ophthalmologist who will dilate the pupil to explore the periphery of the retina looking for tears or signs of predispositions to do so.

Can it cause loss of sight ?

Not in the majority of cases although it is true that these symptoms of floating flecks can distress the patient as it is worse when reading or looking at a computer screen although, with time, the patient gets used to it and does not have difficulty seeing except in extreme cases if the opaque, floating forms are big and right in the centre of his visual axis.

Ideas to take home
In the majority of cases, Spots before the eyes are nothing to worry about. An immediate check up by an Ophthalmologist is highly recommended if they appear suddenly in people at risk such as the shortsighted, diabetics and adults over 50. There is no effective medical treatment to eliminate them. If you suffer from Spots before the eyes you will get used to living with them and not notice them. Surgical treatment is undertaken only in a few cases and carries serious risks and complications which the patient must fully understand.


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