A patient with age-related macular degeneration, has been the pioneer in receiving treatment with stem cells to try to restore her vision.

The operation was conducted in the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, this was the first treatment established in humans, and is a pilot study still without conclusive data,fruit of a collaboration between the Moorfields Eye Hospital, the London College of ophthalmologists and Pfizer laboratory as a sponsor.

The treatment consists of transplanting retinal pigment epithelium cells derived from stem cells, into patients with severe visual loss from wet age-related macular degeneration, these cells replace damaged cells in patients with wet AMD.

The surgery consists of inserting the stem cells in the macular area through an operation that usually takes between one and two hours.

There are a huge number of patients who can benefit from this type of therapy according to researcher Lyndon Da Cruz, MD who is conducting a pilot study with patients at Moorfields Eye Hospital, at the moment there are no final results since patients are following a protocol of revisions and the study has not been completed.

More than a dozen groups of researchers in the world are working in the world in this field with clinical trials in both pigs and humans and hopefully in the coming years we will have positive results.

However, these are clinical trials without conclusive results given that they are all in the early stages of the investigation.

In any case a door opens to hope for patients suffering from this visual impairment caused by a degenerative disease which is one of the most common causes of blindness in the developed world.

Source: Cataract&Refractive today Europa(AK Kashani,Science Translational Medicine,Vol.10,Issue 435,eaao-4097).

10,Issue 435,eaao-4097)

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