Dirty lens

What is meant by the dirty lens?

When we operate on cataracts, an intraocular lens is placed inside the lens bag, from which all the cellular opacities have been removed.

In cataract surgery, all the opacified  is removed and a capsular sac is left where the intraocular lens is housed, with the appropriate power to compensate for the defective vision

Why does the lens fog up?

In an immense majority of patients who are treated for  cataracts, after a while, which can range from months to years, there is an emigration of the remaining epithelial cells, which proliferate and deposit on the posterior lens capsule.

What symptoms will I have if my implant lens fogs up?

We will notice a loss of vision, glare, ultimately symptoms similar to those we had before the operation of cataracts.

Is it correct to say that the implant has fogged?

It is not, because except in rare cases, what is fogged is the posterior capsule of the lens, which we left on purpose to deposit the lens. In colloquial terms people and even many doctors say that the lens is dirty.

How do you clean the the posterior capsula?

It is a procedure called Laser capsulotomy, it is performed on an outpatient basis, it consists of opening a hole in the central part of the posterior capsule, the device used is called Laser Yag (Neodymium: Yag) lasts only 5 minutes is painless and usually within a few hours the vision is restored again.

What complications does Yag capsulotomy have (posterior capsula cleaning)?

 It is a very safe procedure, the main complication (although it is extremely rare) retinal detachment, which also need surgery.

    Can the implant be fogged again?

    The opacification of the capsule no longer reproduces and is for life, that is, the lens does not get dirty again, since in the hole that we have opened so that the light passes without difficulty, they can no longer be deposited on that of New cells and grow.


    So the implant never fogs up?

    It is extremely rare for the intraocular lens that we put on during surgery to fog up, and if this happens we have to remove the lens and put another one in its place.

    In Veravision Clinic we have this technology to solve this problem so common in patients operated on cataracts, so do not worry about such an easy solution.

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